The Three Wise Men Have an Argument [Click for full post]
Melchior: This is exciting, huh? The birth of the Lord God incarnate?Balthasar: Yup.Melchior: Yeah, this is going to be great. Hey, what do you guys think he’ll look like?Gaspar: A baby, probably.Melchior: OK, what’s the problem here, guys? We’re on the way to meet the Living God and you guys are being weird!Balthasar: Nothing. Let’s just keep riding. Lots of desert between here and Bethlehem. Melchior: It’s about the gold, right? You guys are pissed I brought gold. Come on, let’s do this.Balthasar: It’s not about the gold. It’s about what the gold represents. Melchior: You guys, Frankincense and Myrrh are awesome gifts, too. It’s not like we’re having a contest here.Gaspar: Really? Really?! OK then, so if this isn’t a contest to you, why don’t you give the infant Christ King some of that cinnamon you have in your camel’s saddle bag instead?Melchior: That cinnamon is for one of my wives. Besides, I already brought the gold. I might as well give it to him.Gaspar: You don’t think Balthasar and I wanted to give the Lamb of God some gold or some jewels? I’d give the infant Lord all of my worldly goods but we agreed on a 20 denari limit! [Keep Reading]

Myrrh was actually worth more than Gold at that time…